How to make Markdown cells read-only in jupyter notebook

Here is a quick and dirty (and extension-free) way to make Markdown cells with titles in them read-only. Given Markdown cell:

# Cell title

Some stuff I don't want people to edit.  

Put the following in a code cell:

<div id="hidestuff">  
    <script type="text/javascript">
        // clever, you found my secret stash
        $('div .cell').has('#hidestuff').hide();
        var read_only = ['#Cell-title'
                         ,'#Another-cell-title']; {
            $('div .cell').has(hide_id).unbind('click');
            $('div .cell').has(hide_id).unbind('dblclick');

You can find the anchor name by hovering over the Markdown title and copying the URL from the paragraph character appears; you only need from the # on. When you execute the cell, Markdown cells will no longer be selectable, clickable, or double clickable. Briefly, this cell creates an HTML div element with id hidestuff containing javascript that first hides the created div element and then unbinds the click and dblclick event handlers on the cell in question. To unhide this cell (e.g. during development), put the following in another cell and execute it:

$('div .cell').has('#hidestuff').show();